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Children Who Don't Read Can't Succeed

Reading is not just an essential skill. It’s a path to new adventures and the roadmap to an ever-growing understanding of one’s own aspirations and capabilities.

Since 2005, Page Turners Make Great Learners has been helping kids in Title I schools capture the joy of reading. Our mission is to expand children’s knowledge and understanding of the world, themselves and their unique possibilities through a love of reading.

Reading Makes a Difference

Only 42% of Georgia public school children are now reading proficiently by the end of third grade. Fourth-grade students of color underperform by higher percentages: 83% for Black students and 77% for Hispanic students.

Almost 60% Georgia students come from impoverished homes where access to reading materials in the home is limited. Research shows that the presence of children’s books in the home is the “critical variable affecting reading acquisition.”

Children who can’t read proficiently by the end of third grade are more likely to experience poor health, have discipline problems and become teen parents. They are also more likely to drop out of high school and, as adults, spend time in prison, struggle with unemployment and face shorter life expectancies.

Children who receive and read free books over the summer experience the equivalent of attending three years of summer school—and the difference in fall reading scores is twice as high among the poorest children.

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How We Inspire Readers

Through the generous support of our corporate partners, we are able to provide books to children In Title I schools in Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Atlanta Public Schools.

Students get a rare opportunity to peek behind their favorite books by “meeting” authors in virtual conversations. Esteemed luminaries talk about their personal backgrounds, how they approach the writing process and what they hope to convey through their books. The Q&A’s that follow make reading personal, immediate and exciting.

Page Turners’ book clubs, led by specially trained educators in their classrooms or during summer programs, give students a chance to explore high quality text in greater depth with their peers. This format not only supports and reinforces state literacy standards, it encourages students to formulate and express their opinions in a safe and non-judgmental learning environment.

There’s nothing like receiving a brand new book—especially one that delights and inspires!  Unfortunately, too many of the children we serve grow up in homes where books and other reading materials are scarce.  Along with our supporters, Page Turners is helping students and teachers build home and classroom libraries that will spark a lifelong love of reading.

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Our Impact In Action

Investing in these students creates sustainable, stable communities for the future.

There are many misconceptions about the availability and emphasis on reading at the elementary level in Title I schools. The reality for many of the children in these schools is that:

They don’t have books at home.

They don’t always have access to resources like public libraries.

Their schools often don’t have many books available, due to reduced funding.

Reading provides opportunity. By supporting these students with hope on the front end, it gives them a different perspective for the trajectory of their life. They can see the possibility beyond their neighborhood.

How to Get Involved

It definitely “takes a village” when it comes to raising eager and proficient readers.  Page Turners offers a variety of opportunities for businesses, community volunteers and professional educators to advance this cause. 

Our goal is to provide equitable access to a broad spectrum of books, authors, and professional role models. Our program is designed to impact school climate and culture and alter adverse or indifference attitudes toward reading. Apply Today!