Pass the Book to Fefe

Join Fefe On Her Adventure into Podcasting!

As the founder and CEO of Page Turners Make Great Learners, FeFe Handy presides over an organization dedicated to igniting a love of reading in young people. Yet, after 20 years in the early literacy field, one fact continues to surprise her: educators, parents and students lack awareness of the different genres of young people’s literature and the outstanding authors contributing to them.

Page Turners’ new podcast, Pass the Book to FeFe, will serve as a resource for adults searching for those special books that speak to and resonate with the lives and experiences of young people from preschool to high school. FeFe will invite renowned contemporary authors to join her in the virtual living room for a conversation about, within and beyond the pages of books. Through these discussions, listeners will explore themes of diversity, culture, self-awareness and empathy which underpin today’s most successful and important works of young people’s literature.   

Children discover themselves when they’re lost in the pages of a book. Our mission as parents and educators is to lead children to the books that will inspire, encourage and empower them to become their authentic best selves.

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